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10th Biennial International Conference: "Judicial Challenges in a Changing World"
Seoul, South Korea

The 10th Biennial Conference was convened by the IAWJ and the Korean Association of Women Judges (KAWJ). Over 400 judges from 40 countries attended sessions discussing challenges and solutions to the evolving issues facing today's modern courts. These issues ranged from such topics as terrorism and security, the environment, aging, sextortion, judicial careers, and international service. Members also agreed to make the issue of human trafficking one of the IAWJ's priorities for the next two years.  

9th Biennial International Conference: "Equal Justice for All: Access, Discrimination, Violence, Corruption"
Panama City, Panama

Equal Justice is not only part of the IAWJ's motto but also one of our core missions. The IAWJ and the Asociacion de Magistradas y Juezas de Panama (AMAJUP) convened this conference in Panama City, Panama, with a record number of women judges participating - 366 women judges from 45 countries. Sessions built on the four underlying themes of access, discrimination, violence, and corruption. 

See the conference program, photos, speeches and presentations here.
8th Biennial International Conference:'"An Independent Judiciary: Culture, Religion, Gender, Politics"                                                                                           
Sydney, Australia

Judicial independence is fundamental to all free and democratic societies. Yet it is increasingly under threat in recent years, and not only in developing countries. With 350 women judges from 43 countries attending, this Conference focused on many aspects of judicial independence, with particular emphasis on gender and cultural issues, and it explored how threats to judicial independence can be addressed.

7th Biennial International Conference: "Access to Justice" 
Entebbe, Uganda

Over 125 women judges from 21 nations assembled to discuss creative ways to open the doors of the legal system to women, and ways to ensure that substantive and procedural equal justice may be delivered to them.

6th Biennial International Conference:'Creative Justice'
Dublin, Ireland 

Pursuant to the conference theme, diverse speakers examined the role that women judges may play in promoting equal justice. Membership approved consolidation of the International Women Judges Foundation (IWJF) into IAWJ, and new bylaws were adopted. 

5th Biennial International Conference:"Women on the Edge"
Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Conference attendees discussed how education programs can address human rights issues and all forms of violence against women. Membership approved "Women, Work, and Poverty" as IAWJ's new priority issue. 

Past Conferences
11th Biennial International Conference: "Keeping safe - keeping well'
London, United Kingdom 

Held in London from May 2-5, the IAWJ had a record breaking turnout of more than 600 participants from 50 countries. Hosted by the UKAWJ and convened by IAWJ President, Lady Brenda Hale, the conference focused on the theme: "keeping safe - keeping well." Over the course of the conference, participants discussed a wide range of topics ranging from women, work and health, incarcerated women, human trafficking and forced marriage, sextortion, judicial health and safety, violence and the problem-solving court, services for victims of sexual violence, and women and girls as armed combatants.

See the conference program, photos, speeches and presentations here.
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4th Biennial International Conference: "A New Vision for a Non-Violent World: Justice for Each Child"
Ottawa, Canada

Membership adopted as a priority issue combating violence against women using human rights principles.

3rd Biennial International Conference:"Equality Through Law: Commitments 
to Keep" 
Manila, The Philippines

IAWJ priority issue expanded to include all forms of violence against women.

2nd Biennial International Conference:"Domestic Violence: A Hidden Phenomenon Disclosed" 
Rome, Italy 

The conference focused on efforts worldwide to combat domestic violence. 

1st International Conference:"Transcending Borders"
San Diego, California

Eighty women judges from some 32 nations held IAWJ's inaugural conference, in conjunction with the U.S. NAWJ. Hon. Arline Pacht was installed as President. Membership resolved to address domestic violence as the IAWJ's priority issue. 

International Biennial Conferences
879 IAWJ members from 82 countries attended with 121 accompanying guests to make this 1000-person celebration a festive and global 25th Birthday for the IAWJ. In a global voyage through diverse jurisdictions, our members led the educational sessions, sharing their definitive and in many cases, leadership roles in addressing gender inequality, new developments in international human rights and humanitarian law, specific barriers to accessing justice and judicial advancement for women within the Middle East and North Africa, utilizing new restorative justice measures, and running courts in an emergency or crisis situation.    

​See the conference program, photos, speeches and presentations here.
13th Biennial International Conference: "Women Judges and the Rule of Law"
Washington DC, United States
Latest Conference Updates
About the IAWJ International Biennial Conferences
The 12th IAWJ Biennial International Conference, Justice For All, hosted by the Tanzania Women Judges Association, was held in Arusha, Tanzania, from May 5-9, 2014. Over 500 participants from 36 countries attended the conference.

Over the course of the conference, participants discussed a wide variety of topics ranging from justice for vulnerable witnesses, the global leadership of women, sextortion, results-based case management, judicial communication, justice in inter-state child abductions, to opportunities for judges beyond the bench.

​See the conference program, photos, speeches and presentations here.
12th Biennial International Conference: "Justice for All"
Arusha, Tanzania
The IAWJ's 14th Biennial Conference will be hosted in Buenos Aires, Argentina from May 2-6th, 2018. 
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