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News 2007

          December 24, 2007       Hon. Joyce Aluoch Is the Second Woman to Join the Court of Appeals in Kenya

          December, 2007           The Italian Association of Women Judges' Activities in 2007

          November, 2007           Implementing Kenya's Sexual Offenses Act into Law

          November, 2007           International Initiative Sparks excitement

          November, 2007           Role of Women Judges Associations: A Perspective from Uganda

          November, 2007           Update from Italy

          November, 2007           Clotilde Aniouvi Medegan Nougobe joins HLCLEP

          November, 2007           Gender Equality Law in Norway, an update

          November, 2007           Panama Prepares for 2008 IAWJ Conference

          October 27, 2007         Yale Law School Team Joins Bangladesh Women Judges and Lawyers on Behalf of the IAWJ

          October 26, 2007         Asia Looks at CEDAW

          October 18, 2007         Africa Focuses on Human Trafficking

          October 11, 2007         IAWJ Receives Generous Gift from Justice Carmen Argibay

          September 24, 2007    AWJ and Georgetown University Law Center Host Baroness Brenda Hale September

          September 6, 2007      Argentina Association Hosts II National Conference of Judges

          September, 2007         IAWJ Members Participate in International Rwanda Mission
          September, 2007         IAWJ Holds 3rd Afghan Women Judges Judicial Education Program

          August 23, 2007 ​         XIV Conference on National Human Rights in Argentina

          August, 2007              Equality and the Courts: Exploring the Commonwealth Experience

          August, 2007              IAWJ Moves Headquarters on August 15, 2007

          July, 2007                  Update from India
          July, 2007                  Good News from Northern Cyprus

          June 25, 2007             IAWJ Member and Staff Meet with Hon. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

          June 25, 2007             IAWJ Welcomes Hon. Lucy Mailula from the High Court of South Africa

          June, 2007                 Hon. Gita Mittal Visited IAWJ Headquarters

          May 15, 2007             Afghan Women Judges Respond: Challenges of Administering Justice and Teaching Human Rights

          May, 2007                 IAWJ Member, Hon. Ihsan Barakat, Named Chief Justice

          April 19, 2007            IAWJ Moves Headquarters

          March 29, 2007         Cross Border programming in Central America

          March 15, 2007         Board of Directors and Executive Council meet in London

          Mach 8, 2007            Alocucion Del Dia Internacional De La Mujer. Announcment for International Women's Day

          March, 2007              Hon. Joyce Aluoch to Chair New Kenyan Task Force

          February 22, 2007      IAWJ Mourns Loss of Hon. Karima Ahmadi

          February 21, 2007      AWJA Hosts First Annual Meeting in Kabul

          February, 2007           IAWJ Leaders Visit Kabul, Afghanistan

          February, 2007           AWJA Works to Promote Women's Rights

          February, 2007           Update from Kenya 

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