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Strategic Planning with the Bangladesh Association of Women Judges
July 2016
After the completion of the 13th Biennial conference, a delegation of judges from the Bangladeshi Association of Women Judges visited the IAWJ offices. The association met with IAWJ staff members Lisa Davis and Nancy Hendry for a 6 hour strategic planning workshop. Strategic planning is incredibly important for any organization: it not only defines the mission, vision, objectives and timelines for an organization, it also ensures that organizations are able to make fundamental decisions which shape the nature of the organization and where it is headed. With the help of IAWJ staff members, several Bangladeshi members worked through a vision exercise, where they discussed a priority initiative, and how their association used the initiative to have a transformation effect.

They also reviewed sample strategic plans, practicing identifying the major elements present in each. The judges from the Bangladesh association noted that they were looking forward to applying this knowledge to maintaining their own association.

If your association is interested in learning more about strategic planning, or potentially holding a strategic planning workshop, contact us! Our staff has a strong background in strategic planning, and a variety of resources and activities to help guide you through the process.