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Panel on Women in Prisons Moves Audience to Action  
2 August 2016
Many members at the Biennial expressed appreciation for the panel on women and girls in detention, and many came forward with their own heartwarming stories of what women judges have done, are doing and can do. The panel discussed challenges, successful models, and ideas for improving the condition of women and girls in detention centers. 

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Panel on Courts in Crisis Inspires New Collaboration
1 August 2016
How do you maintain the Rule of Law in an emergency or crisis situation and during its aftermath both in the immediate and long term? Six experienced Judges discussed their professional and personal experiences with natural and man-made disasters, lessons learned, and advice for the future. 
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Strategic Planning with the Bangladesh Association of Women Judges (BWJA)
July 2016
A delegation of judges from the Bangladeshi Association of Women Judges visited the IAWJ offices. The association met with IAWJ staff members Lisa Davis and Nancy Hendry for a 6 hour strategic planning workshop​. Strategic planning is incredibly important for any organization: it not only defines the mission, vision, objectives and timelines for an organization, it also ensures that organizations are able to make fundamental decisions which shape the nature of the organization and where it is headed. 

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Meeting with the Delegation of Pakistani Judges
July 2016
On Saturday, May 28th, IAWJ staff, along with Hon. Teresa Doherty, Hon. Rachel Karp, Hon. Anisa Dhanji and Hon. Sue Williscroft, met with a delegation of members from Pakistan to listen to their concerns about the Pakistan judiciary, and discuss ways in which our Pakistani member judges and IAWJ could work together to help women judges in Pakistan. 

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