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New Zealand Hosts the IAWJ’s Asia/Pacific Regional Conference 
18 June 2013
the National and Supreme Courts of Papua New Guinea, and Justice Teresa Doherty, who has appointed to various International Criminal Courts and has worked in law for years in Papua New Guinea.

Other speakers include Supreme Court Justice Shiranee Tilakawardane, the first woman in Sri Lanka to be appointed to the High Court, the Admiralty Court, and the Court of Appeal and Judge Nicola Mathers, President of the New Zealand Association of Women Judges. Some attendees of the event included IAWJ President Eusebia Munuo, and IAWJ Vice President Susana Medina of Argentina.

These, along with the other, speakers covered topics including culture and human rights which explored what happens when guarantees of human rights and the protection of culture and traditional values appear to clash, as well as sextortion which looked at the abuse of power to obtain sexual favors. Some other topics covered included alternative court structures and procedures which explored initiatives in the region to tailor traditional court structures to make them more responsive and relevant, a child exploitation panel which, among other things, presented a case study showing how international connections led to an arrest of a New Zealand offender, and a panel on women in international roles which involved a panel of women who spoke about the international roles they had undertaken. 

Some social events that were held at the Asia/Pacific Regional Conference included a dinner at the Maritime Museum, a conference dinner at The Langham, a Waiheke Island Expedition which provided attendees to experience the beauty of the Auckland harbor, and tours of the Auckland and Wellington Courts which included a demonstration of giving evidence via closed circuit television, a presentation on how sentencing of offenders is carried out, and a presentation on the work of the Family court.

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To read New Zealand Association of Women Judges report on the conference, click the link below. 
Link to Report on the Conference.
Conference Participants
Justice Annabelle Bennett, Justice Shiranee Tilakawardane and Justice Gita Mittal
 Justice Christine French, Joanne Henderson, Justice Susan Glazebrook, and Justice Lowell Goddard
Justice Helen Winkelmann and Chief Judge Jan-Marie Doogue
Justice Shiranee Tilakawardane
Justice Susan Glazebrook and Justice Nicola Mathers
Justice Teresa Doherty and Judge Carolyn Henwood
Justice Teresa Doherty
Justice Catherine Davani
Kapa haka
Justice Teresita Leonardo-de Castro
The Asia/Pacific Regional Conference, hosted by the New Zealand Association of Women Judges, was held from May 9th to 12th 2013, at The Langham hotel in New Zealand’s largest City, Auckland. About 160 judges from over 20 countries participated in this event where they were able to discuss issues such as human trafficking, the environment and alternative court structures. 

There were many speakers at the IAWJ Asia/Pacific Regional Conference, including Chief High Court Judge Helen Winkelmann, a High Court Judge of New Zealand, Justice Catherine Davani, Judge to