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Who We Are

About the IAWJ
​Created in 1991, the International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization whose members represent all levels of the judiciary worldwide and share a commitment to equal justice and the rule of law. The IAWJ currently has approximately 5,000 members in 82 countries and areas worldwide.

The IAWJ works with its members around the world to:
  • Pioneer judicial education programs to advance human rights, uproot gender bias from judicial systems, and promote women's access to the courts;
  • Develop a global network of women judges and create opportunities for judicial exchange through international conferences, trainings,the IAWJ newsletter, website, and online community;
  • Foster judicial leadership and support judicial independence; and,
  • Collaborate with other organizations on issues of equal access to justice.

​Learn more about the IAWJ member associations and chapters around the world.
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For more IAWJ history, read the  Jubilee Book​ - "Twenty Five Years of Judging for Equality"
A look back on the past 25 years of the IAWJ, from its inception to the present day.
IAWJ Bylaws
Updated in May, 2016.
For more than 25 years, the IAWJ has developed and conducted judicial education programs and worked to enhance the capacity of its members and associations around the world. Currently, the IAWJ is working on building the capacity of judges in the Dominican Republic to address GBV; human trafficking in Haiti; enhancing access to justice in Malawi; and building networks of support and dialogue for women judges in Egypt, Jordan, Libya and Tunisia.Through these programs, the women judges of the IAWJ are making a difference.