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NAWJ-Nigeria Message for Women Judges Day

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NAWJN-Nigeria Message for Women Judges Day
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Posted: 2023-03-08T15:28:00Z

My dear sister judges across the globe, my name is Hon Justice Roli Harriman, International Director, NAWJN. On behalf of the President, NAWJN, Hon Justice Jummai Sankey JCA, I salute you all on this auspicious day.

In 2021, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 75/274 designating 10 March the International Day of Women Judges.  

Though the NAWJN has been engaged in public policy advocacy to draw attention to so many issues concerning women and children in our society, today’s celebration is another opportunity for us to draw attention to a few issues like

• Increased prevalence of Domestic violence

• Provision of Shelters for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault especially of young girls by their closest relatives

• Establishment of Half-way houses for youths in conflict with the law to give opportunity for effective and long-lasting rehabilitation

• Continued practice of Genital mutilation

• Repugnant customary laws and challenges of widows

• Adoption laws and practice

We therefore call on all stakeholders including NGOs to assist in publicizing these issues and offering their own contribution towards their resolution.

This is also an opportunity to commend the work of the IAWJ in Afghanistan. Little progress has been made by the Taliban, but women are confident that the day of victory is near.

I thank you all for listening. Happy Celebrations