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September, 2021

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The U.S. troops are gone from Afghanistan, but the crisis is far from over. Tens of thousands of Afghans have fled their homeland, with little more than the clothes on their backs. Many are now refugees in the U.S. or elsewhere. Thousands more remain in the country, stranded and desperate to escape the rule of the Taliban.

One very high-profile group at risk is the 270 Afghan women judges, who are targeted both because of their gender and their occupation. An ad hoc group of women judges in the U.S. and around the world has been laboring night and day to help their Afghan sisters make their way out of the country. In addition, U.S. veterans and other volunteers continue to work to get Afghans out, through “Task Force Pineapple” and similar initiatives, in what has been dubbed a “Digital Dunkirk” effort.

There is an overwhelming need for assistance for the Afghan refugees in this country, as well as the Afghans still in Afghanistan but anxious to leave. As lawyers, what can we do — both individually and collectively — to support these brave Afghans? Join us for briefing on the current situation in Afghanistan and stateside, the ongoing efforts to support Afghans seeking to relocate to the U.S., and the many opportunities for you to help.

This program is the first in a series of webinars focused on Afghanistan and Afghan refugees. Subsequent webinars will address specific threatened groups, including journalists, educators, and the LGBTQ community, as well as women lawyers and judges. Beyond educating our members, these programs are designed to give those who wish to help options for doing so, particularly within their respective areas of practice.